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Stock Market Analysis: 06/11/09

I have written about returns for unique boutique s on a general basis in the Long Term View series of posts and the Long VS Short series but in this series, Share Investor’s Total Returns, I will be giving my actual returns for stocks in the Share Investor Portfolio for as long as I have held them. Using this strategy will provide you high returns from your investment. I will be avoiding the stock unless it breaks back above $1.24. I still think FAS can move toward $68 but if the stock breaks down, I will start buying again below $60. The easy money has been made with FAZ but if FAS breaks $68.50, FAZ will break out again. Of course the market can still add points from the closing prices last week and it remains uncertain as to whether the current bullish sentiment will remain over Winter without signals driven by results. I prefer to look at it as more of a realistic valuation of the companies listed on the NZX and anything north of current levels risks going over real valuations. Of course there are some companies that are undervalued still and others that are well overvalued but as an average the NZX is fully priced and at the right level.


The bulk of the portfolio is up but there are a few losers but none of them long term, the Warehouse and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, and I cant say more about the last one, $1.95 at time of writing and by my reckoning one the future leaders on the NZX. And yet, there were 218 million people that bought products from Shopify without even knowing the company existed,” explained Ben Thompson. Treasuries. And, importantly, the Fed said it plans to keep interest rates low even after a recovery gains momentum. Even if you work or go to college full-time (or both), you still count as a dependent if you meet either the support test or the residency test mentioned above. 1.00 is now support. Please keep in mind that most of the portfolio I don’t intend to sell anytime soon, if at all, but if I was offered a predetermined price right now I would sell if that price met my future expectations of financial performance for the company. ACC now owns more than 4 per cent of the free float of the New Zealand stock market, giving it influence over liquidity in some of the nation’s biggest listed companies as well as smaller-cap firms.